Be Virtual, Hire a Virtual Assistant

Try us to believe

Isn’t it cool to be an entrepreneur?

you evolve drastically and you become your own competitor by making yourself better than yesterday and it seems superb when you realize that you’ve grown your business from being nothing to what it is today.  Then your life is overwhelmed by some thoughts and you realize that you know what you want to achieve but doing it is another thing …

stay relaxed

You may not need to invest in a full-time, in-house administrative assistant, but with a virtual assistant, you can pay only for the times you actually need them to be on service. In addition, that frees you up to really goes heads-down into your work. Who can not use some uninterrupted creative time?

Hand Over the Research

No matter what kind of writing you do, you have to do research. Moreover, you know that it is possible to spend hours— or even days — chasing down an important, but obscure, fact. Our virtual assistants are skilled at doing the deep digging, so you can move on to the next thing on your list.

When agents, clients, or potential sources reach out, they expect a speedy answer.

 In addition, it is all too easy to let voicemails and emails pile up. Let your Virtual assistant check your voicemail and emails regularly throughout the day in order to make sure you never miss an important call. Once they get down all of the important info, they will send you the messages as an action item list that they can help you tackle.

You can also give your virtual assistant template messages for commonly asked questions or frequently requested information. Then, those emails are responded to in record time without you even having to glance at them. It is like having a one-person customer service team to take care of all of the questions that you simply do not have time to answer.

As for your current sources and contacts, our administrative and executive virtual assistants know how to give a personal and personable touch to interacting with your clients. They will feel listened to, taken care of, and like they are being treated with the utmost respect. In addition, having an assistant always makes you look more professional — and that never hurt.

Offered Services

1. E-Mail Management

3. Booking Your Appointments

5. Assisting in Event Planning

7. Social Media Management

9. Transcribing Simple Audio Recordings

11. Database Building & Entry

13. Calendar Management

15. Researching Possible Topics for Blog Posting

17. Recruiting new Freelancers

19. Manage Project Progress between Team Members

21. Preparing Slide Shows

23. Forum & Blog Commenting

2. Setting Up Auto-Responders for Your Website

4. Sending Birthday Wishes

6. Blog and Podcast Management

8. Taking the Minutes of Online Meetings

10. Booking Travel Plans

12. File &Dropbox Management

14. Receptionist Duties

16. Running Personal Brands Online

18. Generating Reports from Software or Tools

20. File & Drop-Box Management

22. Answering Support-Tickets

24. Lead Generation