Account Management Services

Ali Express Account Management

Ali Express is growing so rapidly in the market place. Many people belonging to almost every region are getting attracted towards its Products. We have a team of  Managers, who are specialized and certified as well and having experience of many years in managing the Accounts efficiently and professionally. 

Inventory Management

Our warehouse managers and Quality Assurance managers are capable to take care of all the activities from receiving ,packing, loading , unloading, dispatching, and delivering  the placed orders. They also keep track of the Inventory and keep it maintained every time. They also take care of Product re pricing and managing all the goods in the warehouse properly.

Best Sellers Analysis

It is very important to know the top selling Products on Ali Express, In order to stand out in the market by selling the goods that are high in demand. Our Analysis team performs this task by keenly analysing  the Competitors, their offered products, best sellers, strategies and then they work to make their own strategic plan. 

Product Listing Management

Listing Products and creating optimized titles and eye catching is something that attracts the clients and make the product appear in Search results. We have team of professionals, who take care of all the relevant content by applying proper SEO.

Image optimization

 Eye Catching and high quality images give boost to sales, as everyone is attracted towards the display of the images. Our skilled camera men and designers work in collaboration with each other to make the images display refined and stunning.

Proper marketing

product’s Marketing on Social Media through social media has become trend these days and it really boost up your sales, as every one uses social media. It also provides very proper insight of the targeted buyers in the specified regions, belonging to specified age groups. Our marketing professionals learn all new and modern tactics to promote the goods through proper advertisement including paid and unpaid adds. 

order Management

It is very important to keep proper track of the received orders, as it needs proper attention from receiving the order until its successful delivery. Our professionally trained staff always stay proactive, and QA team keep an eye on the packing to avoid any future complaints. Our team members sit back and relax only when the Product is delivered and the Customer is satisfied with the Product. In case of any issues, we try to resolve it at our earliest to make client satisfied and relaxed.